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About Green Enviro Consultancy

We provide environmental engineering services to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, air pollution control, and water pollution control. We provide wastewater treatment plants, maintenance, details, and waste management to industries and factories.

As a consultant, our promise is to deliver professional expertise, outstanding customer service, quality-based design, and construction guidance through every project.

Green Enviro Consultancy


Green Enviro Consultancy


Our Expertise

Green Enviro Consultancy

Waste & Waste Water Management

We help you efficiently utilize every drop of pure water and wastewater by maximizing reuse and recycling. Every day, we treat more than 10 ML of wastewater across our various projects. With more than 100 successful projects in rainwater harvesting, wastewater management, and DTS, we have the capability to execute the projects.

  • Management and treatment of wastewater.
  • Water conservation and rainwater harvesting.
  • Assessment of environmental and social impacts.
  • Promotion of water management awareness.
Green Enviro Consultancy

Solid Waste Management

By maximizing repurposed materials, we optimize resource usage and reduce carbon footprint. The design and construction of waste treatment plants, as well as the design and construction of waste incinerators and landfills, allows us to implement cost-saving solutions that meet all regulatory requirements and ensure waste disposal safety.

  • Planning for sustainable waste management.
  • Social and environmental audits of solid waste.
  • Waste treatment facility design and engineering.
  • Recycling, reusing, and recovering waste.
Green Enviro Consultancy

Energy Management

In order to break the cycle of unchecked resource wastage, productive ways of utilizing resources are necessary. It is ecologically and financially sensible to convert leftovers into renewable power, as it addresses local circular economies on a local level. With our Energy Management solutions, you can turn organic waste and sewage sludge into renewable energy, fuel, and manure!

  • Review and evaluation of the energy consumption pattern
  • Assessment of risk and opportunity.
  • Efficient conversion of waste into energy.
  • Educational workshops and outreach.
Green Enviro Consultancy

Climate Change Management

Climate change can be reversed by conserving natural resources and optimizing their consumption. We provide insights, ideas, and specific solutions to assist leaders, government departments, and urban developers in combating climate change and enhancing livability.

We often create projects that contribute to improving a sense of social cohesion and/or protecting biodiversity.

Green Enviro Consultancy

Rainwater Harvesting

Using the highest quality components, our engineers build comprehensive rainwater harvesting systems. We provide commercial rainwater harvesting systems that collect, capture, manage, and release unpotable water for irrigation, restrooms, laundry, and more. Modular systems that can be customized to fit any location or project need are created using only the highest quality components on the market. Our goal is to provide our customers with the support, knowledge, and products needed to harvest rainwater efficiently. At every step of the process, our team of experts provides professional guidance and support.

Taking steps towards sustainability

We deliver lasting results to make the world a better place. We make a better tomorrow by understanding today.

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